Electricity tariffs

ElCom is the price regulator in the electricity sector. The commission has comprehensive powers to help it perform this mandate. It monitors the fees for network use and it may prohibit unjustified electricity price increases or retroactively reduce excessively high tariffs. Decisions of this nature take the form of rulings.

For small-scale consumers who do not currently have the option of choosing their electricity supplier, ElCom supervises electricity tariffs. On their invoices, electricity supply companies are required to indicate the costs for energy, use of the electricity network and any applicable fees and charges.

Since 2009, large-scale consumers (i.e. those whose annual consumption exceeds 100 MWh) have been free to choose their electricity supplier. ElCom does not supervise the electricity tariff for customers on the free market, since consumers in this category are free to change supplier if the prices charged by their present one are too high. However, ElCom monitors network use remuneration for all providers, as consumers cannot choose the network.

ElCom will take the necessary action on its own initiative (as the regulatory authority) or in response to reports or complaints.

Anyone who suspects that a tariff is excessively high should report this to ElCom using the contact form.