Similar authorities and official bodies

Price regulator (office of the ombudsman)

The price regulator is responsible for the official supervision of prices of major market players or monopolies, as well as for examining tariffs specified or approved by official authorities, e.g. charges, prices of medicaments, tariffs for public enterprises. The supervision of electricity tariffs was assigned to ElCom on 1 January 2008.

Competition Commission (WEKO)

The duties of the Competition Commission include combating harmful cartels, supervising major companies in order to prevent them from misusing their market dominance, examining take-overs and mergers, and preventing state restrictions on competition.

Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)

The SFOE is Switzerland's competence centre for issues relating to energy supply and use. It is attached to the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC). The SFOE was instrumental in the formulation of the Electricity Supply Act and its associated ordinances. However, ElCom is responsible for dealing with any disputes that arise from these provisions.

Federal Communications Commission (ComCom)

Like ElCom, ComCom is a regulatory authority. Its area of responsibility is telecommunications, and here, in addition to making decisions and pronouncing rulings, by contrast with ElCom it is also empowered to grant licences.

Swiss Federal Administrative Court

The main duty of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court is to rule on public law disputes arising in the area of responsibility of the Federal Administration. It rules on appeals against decisions by federal institutions, and as initial authority it rules on matters involving federal administrative law.

Swiss Federal Supreme Court

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court is Switzerland's highest judicial authority, and has been based in Lausanne since 1875. As Switzerland's federal high court, its duties include supervision of the business of the Federal Criminal Court and the Federal Administrative Court.