International activities

International electricity trading, which has increased strongly due to the liberalisation of energy markets in Europe, has led to large amounts of energy being exchanged across national borders. 

The capacities on the borders are limited. If demand exceeds the available capacity, the national grid operator (Swissgrid) can tender the capacity in auctions. As the regulator, ElCom monitors these auctions and regulates congestion management for Swissgrid and the participating market players. 

ElCom is taking steps to ensure that cross-border transmission network capacity is utilised as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, ElCom is working together with Swissgrid and with the regulators in Switzerland’s neighbouring countries to optimise transmission network capacity and optimise the procedures for auctioning capacity.

Market coupling with the EU could make a significant contribution to supply security for Switzerland. Access to the European market (and with it competitive energy prices) is of great importance for Switzerland as a business location.