Market surveillance

The Market Surveillance section is responsible for monitoring wholesale electricity trading in the interest of fair and transparent wholesale electricity trading.

Greater transparency in wholesale electricity markets reduces the risk of market distortion and price signal distortion, and ensures that end consumers pay a fair price for electricity. Wholesale markets generate important price signals, which influence not only the choice of suppliers and consumers, but also investment decisions in generation plants and the transmission network infrastructure.

In the EU, supervision of wholesale energy trading is carried out on the basis of Regulation (EU) No. 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (EU-REMIT). This regulation and its associated reporting and registration requirements also apply to market participants domiciled or resident in Switzerland. On the basis of Article 26a of the Federal Electricity Supply Ordinance, the same data relating to wholesale electricity trading as those required in accordance with EU-REMIT have to be submitted to ElCom simultaneously and in the same form. ElCom assesses this data and contacts the market participants involved if it detects any irregularities.

In relation to price developments on the Swiss and neighbouring markets, ElCom publishes a weekly report on the futures and spot markets. ElCom also publishes an annual market transparency report.