Supply security

Electricity is one of the most important and most essential commodities of our times. Practically all of the developments of modern-day civilised society, including for example communication equipment, transport infrastructure and healthcare, would be useless without electricity. A secure electricity supply is therefore of the highest priority for Switzerland.

With the introduction of the Federal Electricity Supply Act, the legislator entrusted the Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom) with a duty that is both difficult and of the utmost importance. ElCom monitors and supervises the development of the electricity markets in order to ensure a safe and economical supply in all parts of the country. In the event that the supply of electricity within the country appears to be seriously threatened in the medium or long term, ElCom is required to propose suitable measures to be taken by the Federal Council for maintaining a secure supply of electricity. In order to fulfil this mandate, ElCom is constantly expanding its monitoring of electricity supply.