Welcome to the website of the Federal Electricity Commission ElCom

ElCom is Switzerland's independent regulatory authority in the electricity sector. It is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Swiss Federal Electricity Act and the Swiss Federal Energy Act, taking all necessary related decisions and pronouncing rulings where required. ElCom monitors electricity prices and rules on disputes relating to network access. It also monitors electricity supply security and regulates issues relating to international electricity transmission and trading. ElCom is responsible for ruling on disputes concerning feed-in tariffs and between network operators and independent producers.



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Electricity tariffs

ElCom is responsible for monitoring prices and tariffs in the electricity sector, and for this purpose it has been entrusted with the necessary powers. It may prohibit unjustified electricity price increases or reduce excessively high tariffs. Decisions of this nature take the form of rulings.

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Market surveillance

Market Surveillance deals with supervising wholesale electricity trading. The focus is hereby on the functioning of the wholesale electricity market and in particular on the detection of insider trading or market manipulation.