Enquiries regarding increasing network capacity

If you have any questions regarding increasing network capacity, please send them to ElCom’s email address (E-Mail). To ensure that your request can be processed without further delay, please list the following information in full:

  • Surname, first name; company name
  • Address, telephone number, email
  • How should we contact you? Telephone / email
  • When is the best time to reach you?
  • Are you a producer / network operator / planning office / etc.?
  • Generator type, generator output [kW], generator location, ...
  • Responsible distribution network operator
  • Description of the local conditions
  • Your message / question / problem

In order to provide as complete a picture as possible of the facts at hand, please enclose an overview plan, an overview diagram or a sketch of the local conditions. The submitted documents must clearly show the situation before and after the increase in network capacity. The essential parts of the system (transmission lines, distribution cabins, transformer stations, generation plants, etc.) that are affected by the increase in network capacity must be clearly marked.