The seven members of ElCom were appointed by the Federal Council for a term of office until the end of 2023. They are not actively involved in the electricity sector, and perform their duties on a part-time basis. On average, ElCom holds meetings once a month.

Werner Luginbuehl

Werner Luginbühl, former member of the Council of States 

Laurianne Altwegg 2022

Laurianne Altwegg, lic. en science politique, head of the energy, environment and agriculture section at the Consumers Association of Western Switzerland FRC


Katia Delbiaggio, Dr. rer. pol., Professor at the School of Business, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences


Sita Mazumder, Professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Jürg Rauchenstein, Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH

Andreas Stöckli, Attorney-at-law, Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Fribourg


Felix Vontobel, Dipl. El. Ing. FH 


ElCom comprises the following committees:

Prices and Tariffs
Katia Delbiaggio (head)
Laurianne Altwegg
Sita Mazumder
Andreas Stöckli

Legal Issues
Andreas Stöckli (head)
Werner Luginbühl
Laurianne Altwegg
Jürg Rauchenstein

Networks and Supply Security
Jürg Rauchenstein (head)
Werner Luginbühl
Katia Delbiaggio
Felix Vontobel

International Relations
Felix Vontobel (head)
Werner Luginbühl
Laurianne Altwegg
Jürg Rauchenstein

Market surveillance
Sita Mazumder (head)
Katia Delbiallio
Andreas Stöckli
Felix Vontobel


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