Pricing and Tariffs Section

The Pricing and Tariffs section is responsible for examining electricity tariffs for fixed end consumers, and for all aspects of network use of relevance to pricing. Its duties include monitoring and supervising prices and tariffs for network use, carrying out the necessary reviews of network operators' tariffs, and preparing rulings of the Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom). It also collects annual cost accounting data from all network operators and operates the electricity prices website: (not available in English)

Barbara Wyss, Dr. oec. publ., Head of Prices and Tariffs 

Corinne Andrist, lic. sc. éco.

Stephan Betschart, lic. rer. pol.

Markus Bill, Dipl. El. Ing. FH, EMBA

Nick Burger, Intern

Damiano Corsani, lic. rer. pol.

Janning Kohl, Forestry engineer ETH, eMPA UniBE

Pamela Pestoni, lic. rer. pol., CIIA

Martin Schwarten, lic. rer. pol.

Peter Signer, MSc in Economics, UniBE

Pauline Waltman, Business economist HES